I have a very useful collection of various English essays.
I recently finished my education so... I decided to share it with others... I don't need it anymore and I think it will be useful for others for sure.


Ready English Essays at a high level for English lessons and other.

- ready essays
- elaborations
- dissertations
- term papers
- required readings summaries and descriptions
- books reports

Mega Pack (more than 10 000 topics)
Essays in MS Word documents (files format: *.docx)

More than 10 000 essays to choose from the various Educational stages.

Various topics from different Educational stages (in separate folders):

* Elementary School (Primary, Secondary) - about 1000 topics
* Middle school - about 3500 topics
* High School - about 5000 topics
* College - about 2000 topics

Feel free to download:
File: English Essays Mega Pack (more than 10 000 topics)